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5 ways to make the most of power banks without compromising on comfort

Using a power bank doesn't necessarily require you to run through a guidebook. But then some tips can always enhance the experience.
People, generally, are seen holding power banks (that are usually heavy) in the same hand underneath their phones. It may be comfortable to use for a while, but eventually it starts to ache hands.
Also, the otherwise bulky power bank in hand becomes uncomfortable to use once it starts to heat up. (All power banks might not have heating issues, but many of them do heat up when used for long.)
We think it is time that you to stopped handling power banks as you intuitively do.
But if not this, then how?
Here's a visual guide on how to make the most of power banks without compromising on comfort:
1. Place a power bank in one pocket, and make the USB cable pass through loops of your pants to plug it into the phone resting in the other pocket. This is one of the most comfortable ways of using a power bank - irrespective of where you are. You are walking on a road, attending a conference, in a meeting, on a bus, or even climbing up the hills.
2. While the first way of using power banks could be apt for most men, but it may not be a right choice for girls whose pants generally do not come with pockets as deep as men's. Or if they are wearing something without any pockets at all. The advise here is to get a thin credit card-sized power bank that doesn't weigh much. It is not only comfortable to grip, but also doesn't feel heavy in hands as the usual power banks do. The picture clearly shows how comfortable it is to use these power banks. This slim power bank is a perfect alternative to your otherwise bulky power banks in situations where the power bank is going to be in your hands. The disadvantage though is that these slim and think power banks do not pack in much power inside them.
3. If you are not comfortable with the first way, and also do not own or want to buy a slim power bank, there is another way out for you. You can keep a power bank in your bag and pull out the USB cable connected to it from inside the bag. This method is ideal in situations where you have a bag irrespective of its type - sling or backpack. It seems to be a comfortable way for those who travel on public transport everyday.
4. If the idea of an external device and a dangling cord doesn't appeal to you, you could opt for battery cases. These cases with built-in power banks can be easily snapped on your phone and gives you a wireless experience. Also, there are small power banks (not in the back case format) available that can be directly plugged into the charging port of your phone.
5. This is the most simple and common of all. Place your power bank at your desk, on your lap, next to you on the chair you are sitting on or anywhere in your reach. But this is not apt for situations when you are on the move.

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